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Dr. James Botsford
Practice Owner / Veterinarian
​Dr. James H. Botsford is a graduate of Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Graduating in 1985, Dr. Botsford has been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly forty years. Currently, Dr. Botsford is an active member of The American Veterinary Medical Association, The Veterinary Information Network, and the Phi Zeta Honor Society for Veterinarians. 

Over the years, he has been privileged with the opportunity to create personal connections with our clients and their pets. Since our doors opened in 1988 he has prided himself on treating everyone with polite, professional, and personable service.

Alongside his impressive professional résumé, Dr. Botsford is a passionate and talented musician.  He loves to sing and play acoustic guitar. He also spends his free time reading, listening to podcasts, traveling, and spending time with his beloved friends and family. 

Woodland Animal Hospital ® 7980 Grand River Ave.Brighton,MI 48114
Woodland Animal Hospital is a well-established veterinary clinic, serving the Brighton area for nearly 40 years. With a team of 3 experienced doctors, and a knowledgeable team beside them, we provide comprehensive care, including routine check-ups and urgent situations. Our inviting atmosphere ensures a positive experience for you and your pets. Join us for reliable, expert, state-of-the-art care where your furry family members are treated with the attention and compassion they deserve.
Woodland Animal
Dr. Jennifer Groehn
Dr. Groehn, a native Michigander, received her veterinary degree from Michigan State University. She was in the same veterinary class as Dr. Botsford! You can see her picture in the class photo in the lobby. 

After fulfilling her dream of becoming a veterinarian, she worked as a relief veterinarian and worked with many interesting practices and local veterinarians (including helping Dr. Botsford from time to time in his early years at Woodland Animal Hospital). Later, she purchased a small clinic in Highland, MI, ran the practice, and served the local community for many years. In 2022, after selling the business, she began providing relief veterinary services and was happy to return to Woodland Animal Hospital and assist Dr. Botsford and his patients.

Dr. Groehn loves all animals and over the years, has participated in rescuing many animals in need of help. She also is a horse enthusiast and has been riding and showing horses since she was a teenager. She currently competes in the reining events with her horses and travels across the United States to various competitions. 
Dr. Therese Heinonen
Dr. Heinonen graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. Over the past 35 years, she has actively pursued her interests in health research and policy while maintaining her passion: caring for people and their pets. 

Dr. Heinonen is married and has raised two adult children, plus dogs, cats, horses, birds, and reptiles. In her free-time she most enjoys outdoor sports, reading, and writing. She is very happy to be joining Dr. Botsford and his team of animal health professionals at Woodland Animal Hospital.
Shelby first joined the Woodland Animal Hospital team in 2016 as a veterinary assistant. In May 2023, she assumed the role of Practice Manager.

Beyond her professional life, Shelby finds joy in bowling, golfing, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. At home, her heart is shared with her long-time partner; her dogs, Charlie and Chai; and her cats, Chico and Chedison.

Fun facts about Shelby: 
- Her favorite color is purple. 
- She loves artisan cheeses and peanut butter cup ice cream despite her body's sensitivity to dairy. 
- She has had the privilege of visiting both Alaska and Hawaii, however, she has been to only 27 of the 48 continental states. Her goal is to visit all 50. 
- In 2018, Shelby and her parents undertook the incredible project of renovating a one-room schoolhouse built in 1850, and transformed it into a modern, unique, loving home.
Shelby Reed
Practice Manager
RoseLee, or as we like to call her, Rose, is our amazingly dedicated Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant. With 6 years experience in the veterinary industry under her belt, we’re so glad she landed in our clinic in December 2022. 

Rose and her husband share their life with their retired racing greyhound, Kaitlin, four lively parakeets Stevie, Tusk, Maize, and Blue, and many other small pets. In her free time, she can often be found reading, drawing, traveling, going to a concert, or listening to a true crime podcast.. Her favorite colors—green, blue, purple, and black—reflect her vibrant personality.

Two remarkable adventures in her life stand out. Rose has had the unique experience of visiting Bracken Cave in San Antonio, TX, the largest bat colony in the world, home to 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats. She also fulfilled her dream of riding a horse in the ocean while visiting Ireland, a truly extraordinary memory. As an avid traveler, Rose's dream destinations include Scotland and Maine.

RoseLee Roark
Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant 
Kate Mayson
Veterinary Assistant
Kate joined the Woodland Animal Hospital team in April 2024, bringing with her 6 years of experience in the veterinary industry. As a dedicated Veterinary Assistant, Kate's love for animals and commitment to their well-being shines through in everything she does.

Outside of work, Kate has a variety of passions that keep her busy. She enjoys the simple pleasures of napping, reading, and taking leisurely walks with her cats in their stroller. With four feline companions named Salami, Belly Welly, Penny, and Oliver, her home is always filled with whiskers and purrs. Kate and her wife also share their life with two delightful dogs, PJ and Karma, who bring boundless joy and energy to her days.

When she's not caring for animals, you can find Kate playing Animal Crossing, working through a word search, listening to Taylor Swift, or reading and/or watching all things Disney and Harry Potter (she proudly identifies as a loyal Hufflepuff). Her favorite colors, purple and yellow, reflect her vibrant personality.

Meet Mr. Bond, the resident kitty at Woodland Animal Hospital. Mr. Bond initially comes across as reserved, but once you're in his good graces, he's a big fan.

He's got a few favorite things in life, but breakfast and dinner top the list. He starts asking for dinner 2 hours before his scheduled time. One of Mr. Bond's quirks is his love for a good conversation. He's not shy about expressing himself with meows and purrs, making him a lively addition to the clinic.

Known for his expertise in the art of biscuit making, Mr. Bond can turn any surface into a cozy spot for his intricate paw-kneading sessions.

Mr. Bond
Clinic Kitty
Jenna Saxton
Veterinary Assistant
Introducing Jenna Saxton, our newest member at Woodland Animal Hospital! 
A third-year veterinary student at Michigan State University, Jenna boasts six years of experience in the field. When she's not immersed in the world of animal care, Jenna enjoys hiking, board games, and quality time with loved ones. At home, she is kept company by her two adorable goldendoodles, Sniper and Penny. 

Beyond her veterinary expertise, Jenna is a fifth-degree black belt in shotokan karate, showcasing her dedication and discipline - don't mess with her! Jenna is eagerly anticipating her wedding to her fiancé, happening the summer of 2024. Her dream getaway? Either relaxing by the ocean or reliving childhood magic at Disney World. With her easy-going adventurous spirit and compassionate nature, Jenna makes a positive impact on our team and the pets we care for.